Kelly Safari ATR 235/85R16 120 R Tire - Information, Comparison & Prices

Kelly Safari ATR 235/85R16 120 R Tire


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Kelly Safari ATR 235/85R16 120 R Tire

Price does not include tire services, tire disposal fees or any applicable state environmental taxes. Actual tire may vary from displayed image.You can take your vehicle off-road when it has the Kelly Safari ATR Tire. This Kelly Tire gives superior traction both on the road and off it. The self-cleaning traction on the Kelly Safari Tire makes sure that the tire stays clean from any debris so that it can continuously grip the road as you ride.

Reviews & Ratings

Perfect Tire for my Ford F150 Truck (2wd)
Had Safari ATR's put on my 2014 Ford F150 at 20k miles. 20k miles later, about 1/2 tread expected with my aggressive driving style. Best dry & wet road tires I've experienced to date on any truck. A much better value than the comparable major OEM brand delivered with the vehicle. I would recommend Kelly ATR Safari's to any full-size truck owner with 2wd only. Great street tires...wet & dry!
By JohnnyV on 2015-10-10

My husband's tire fell victim to a road hazard so we needed a replacement. The original purchase point said it was unavailable. Not so. Found it immediately at Wal-Mart. Arrived SO quickly. Wal-Mart has every random item possible, shipped free and fast. Always excellent. And the tire is perfect, and we were refunded our purchase price at the tire shop as it was under warranty. Awesome job!
By Christine on 2017-08-07

Great tires
I really like these tires! I've had complements on how they look on my truck and they have saved me on gas!
By Leland1972 on 2014-08-06

Glad i picked these bigger tires, it rides good and smooth. It also makes my truck higher.
Love it. Job well done. Didn't expect the tires to have a smooth ride.
By Randy5 on 2015-03-03

Great tire for the price.
These tires provide good handling and confidence in all weather conditions.
By 1DG2 on 2015-03-10

By Nick on 2017-08-06

If you like picking rocks out of your tires on a daily basis then purchase these tires. This tread picks up gravel, big and small. Not recommend this tire for any off-road driver!
By Smokin357 on 2013-04-22

Only good for road use
Was in a tighter financial position and bought these tires for my Chevy 2500 4x4. Poor traction on wet ground, dry grass on an incline. Does ok on snow and ice and wet roads. Low road noise. Really wish that had bought more aggressive tread design.
By jtagee on 2014-07-12

Horrible in the snow
My Frontier came with a brand new set of these on it when I bought it last year. Nice ride and not too noisy on the road. HOWEVER, they are absolutely horrible in the snow and mediocre at best on wet roads. I have a lot of work equipment in the bed of my truck, so my rear end is not light. Yet the truck still gets squirrely on wet or slick roads at speeds the Wranglers I had on my Ranger took with no problems. And it's not just the rear, I've felt the front end start to hydroplane on a wet road at what I would consider reasonable speeds for the conditions and had to drive a good 5-10 miles an hour slower than the rest of the traffic to be safe. Couldn't even get up a snowy hill that wasn't that steep while another truck with regular highway tires was able to climb it, and when I put on the brakes the truck started to slide backwards. Will never put these on a truck again.
By swdw on 2016-03-31

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