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ONN 8" Tablet 16GB Android Navy Blue - Bonus $20 off Walmart eBooks Included

The onn. 8" Android Tablet provides fast performance anywhere you go in a thin and lightweight body. The 8" 2.5D touchscreen gives you 800 x 1280 resolution so your photos, movies, apps, documents, and more pop with crystal clear vibrancy. With 2GB RAM +16GB ROM, this tablet runs Android 9 and puts the power of a 1.3GHz quad core processor in your hands for better performance for your favorite games, apps, and movies. The onn. 8" Android Tablet lets you surf the internet, read email, watch movies, read eBooks, listen to music, play games, and take pictures and video with a 0.3 megapixel front-facing camera and a 2 megapixel rear-facing camera.

Reviews & Ratings

Great starter tablet
This Onn. 8 inch tablet is great for anyone with basic computing needs,. It has 16 gigabytes storage with a micro USB slot for additional storage if needed. It also has 2GB of RAM.. it has a 1.3 gigahertz quad-core processor. The battery life on the tablet is about five and a half hours. The tablet also has front and rear facing cameras which work very well. The tablet comes preloaded with several Walmart apps like Walmart, Walmart grocery, voodoo , Sam's Club and Walmart ebooks . The tablet works on Android 9 pie operating system which makes it easy to download and install any additional apps that may be desired. It has a slot for earpieces and is also bluetooth enabled. The 8 inch size makes it perfect for anyone that wants to have there tablet on the go with them. I gave this tablet to my father. This tablet is perfect for him. It meets his computing needs. He uses it to check his email and occasionally check out current events and sports scores. The tablet comes with a twenty dollar voucher that can be used for purchases in the Walmart ebooks app. I feel this is the perfect tablet for a man of his age. He can enjoy all the luxuries and freedoms of the internet without being overwhelmed by unnecessary apps and features that may accompany other brands of tablets. The cost of these tablets run under $100. If for some reason the tablet there to be lost or damaged in his care it would not be a financial burden to replace it. It's it's for that reason I also feel that this tablet is great for younger users as well. It's a great way to introduce them to Computing and internet usage.
By savabuck on 2019-11-21

Really nice Table.
I've been using the 8 inch Onn Tablet for about a week now. It's a very nice Tablet. The Tablet is faster than I thought it would be. It plays games and runs movies really well. I've been running lots of games, been on Facebook, Messenger, Netflix, Vudu, Google Chrome and Maps, and it's been doing great with everything I usually do. I especially love the 8 inch screen size. It's perfect to take with me in my purse or pocket to play games while I'm at the doctor or waiting somewhere. The graphics for movies are very good. The camera could be better, at 0.3 MP front and 2 MP rear, but it's workable. This Tablet runs Android 9 Pie. It has a 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, and 16 GB of storage. Like all devices it comes with pre-installed apps that you can't delete. So that helps to leaves you with 5.06 GB used already. I was excited to see a permanent shortcut at the bottom to go to the WalMart apps bundle because I use one of the apps all the time. I use it to find items in the store and see what's in stock in my store. But unfortunately two of the apps in the bundle won't update and run. The pre-installed bundle has Walmart, Walmart Grocery, Sam's Club, VUDU, and Walmart eBooks. But the apps Walmart and Sam's Club won't update to open. The Walmart app just says it can't install the app. And Sam's Club app says the app isn't compatible with this device anymore. But in all it's still a nice Tablet and would make a great gift. The Tablet measures 8.25 by 5.0 inches. It also supports an SD Card.
By cricketoes on 2019-11-24

Onn Android Tablet 8" 16GB Storage With Android 9 Pie , Bluetooth With Bonus $20 Walmart Ebooks - I RATE 5 STARS! This Onn Tablet is packed with alot of great features & so much quality. Out the box it is so sleek and has a 8" display. I enjoy also the preloaded Apps . My Onn came nearly charged completely but I finished charging for about 15 minutes to have a full charge before using the first time. The front and rear facing camera is ideal and fun for pictures and videos. When I was on a social app I use nearly everyday, I now reach for my Onn Tablet to watch Live videos and even streaming movies. The charge on the battery lasts approximately 5.5 hours and the touchscreen just makes it that much easier for me to navigate my email, my online shopping, my Walmart eBooks ,my social sites, my games and nearly everything I can do on other tech devices. Onn Tablet is very impressive and I am finding myself using it more than my laptop or my phone. The bonus Walmart eBooks Code was easy to input and start reading the awesome book I am reading. Walmart eBooks Library offers written and audio books of many interests to choose from. I love it! All the Apps that are pre-loaded are Walmart, Walmart Grocery, Walmart eBooks, , Sam's Club and Vudu! I recommend this Onn, Tablet, easy setup, easy to use and makes a great gift for yourself or anyone!
By P313 on 2019-11-20

Great tablet
This is an amazing product! Been using this like its my second computer. It's so easy to go with you everywhere! Extremely light and quick and responsive. Battery life is ok. Would recommend for a casual tablet.
By Monet on 2019-11-21

Good for a beginner or elderly
I received the Onn Android Tablet, 8,16 GB storage through the Spark Reviewer program. I first charged the tablet. Then I followed the step by step directions for setting up the system. Please note that you must first have a gmail account To load the system. Setup was super easy, a child could do it. I then went to locating all the apps that were preloaded and got used to where all the buttons were for moving between pages. That took a minute, but with a little playing around it was easy. I am using an android tablet for the first time and am used to using an IPAD and and an IPhone. This android operating system does not have texting or calling as part Of its capabilities. And no FaceTime. To overcome these unsupported features, I downloaded an app called textnow from the App Store which gave me a phone number to allow this device to call and send messages. But, the downfall of this is that it is used using The internet so you can only use it when you have internet access. The other feature I miss Is FaceTiming my family. Again it doesn't have Any capability like this, but if both parties download the Skype app they can use it. Also if You are a FaceTime user you can video chat Using FaceTime. Now, the capabilities it does have. It works great for all my 9 year old's Games. It can't keep up if you are a full adult like gamer. The processor cannot keep up with A game that had a lot of video changes happening quickly. But, it has no problem at all streaming Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Disney+. We added 16 GB more memory to Increase our storage. This does slow the response minimally, but is not a problem. This Tablet is perfect for the price. I would recommend it for a beginner tablet. It is also Perfect for streaming movies, paying bills, receiving email, playing on Facebook, etc. it would not be good for a full blown gamer. The only capability that was either missing or I couldn't figure out was how to print.
By eelnep on 2019-12-01

Works fine for my kids....however!! If you crack the screen a little it looses all touch capabilities (this could also just be in my own experience, obviously) but for >$50 quit complaining and buy a new one? Or in my case a $9 screen replacement and youtube it....mother of 6 i dont have the best job so i dont make good money (like paycheck to paycheck living yo!) $50 is a lot but you get what you pay for and this does the job. Just treat it nicely, get a case, or teach your kids manners (ie no walking with tablet only at the table or on the floor or couch no hitting.....idk) like i said - i like it. Kids all love them. Worth the $$
By dawnel on 2020-03-07

It was great...until it lasted.
This tablet was been doing pretty great so far, until today. This morning, it decided to do a system update and after a reboot, the entire image of the tablet, has been flipped. This not only affected the boot up screen, but has also affected the actual screen as well. I am also providing a link to a picture of the flipped screen, to show proof of how this tablet just gets worse. I’ll try and see if a factory reset will fix it, but the input still seems to be the same, even though that the screen was flipped.
By Jesse on 2020-05-26

Was good until the update that made it backwards

The tablet was working fine. Not the best camera but for the price it was great for the kids to use for school work. However, an automatic update took place last night on both our tablets and the screen and everything on it is now backwards. I have called walmart several times and they keep giving me numbers to call that are to places that do not have anything to do with tablets. Very frustrating!!!
By Charran on 2020-05-28

2 Day Old Trash

Literally the worst tablets around. We bought x2 of these tablets for Christmas. Day 1, both lagged like crazy without even putting apps on them [keep in mind, these are for kids so we expected to put a few apps on there]. The first tablet is still working, but is still so slow my daughter prefers to use thre old Alcatel we got from Tmobile with the cracked screen, so her new Onn. is not used at all. The 2nd tablet would reboot randomly for the first 2 days. This discouraged my son from using it. Then, this morning there was an updateand were thought, "Cool! This may fix it." Absolutely not. It froze in the middle of the update and then rebooted. As expected, it now won't boot up at all. So naturally I go to Google for instructions to factory reset it. Volume Up + Power... easy enough... but then when I try to boot in "Recovery Mode" I get "No Command". There isn't an operating system now... this tablet is literally the worst and if I could rate it before 0, I would... just to save you all the money.
By Casey on 2020-01-02

Very bad. I bought it 3 times and. to a minimum. hit on the screen stops working. and it crashes very. easy very poor quality don't buy it buy something good.
By Edgar on 2020-06-23

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